BM PHARM offers a full range of services to its partners


BM PHARM distribution focuses on the primary activities such as the supply chain integrity, assurance of stock availability, outlining and providing to specific store requirements and securing agreement compliance are evaluated and modified immediately. At BM PHARM, we help our pharmacy partners remain connected and patient-focused.


We provide to our partners a flexible cost structures that maintain gross margins at every stage of product development cycle. Also, we provide all potential clients an innovative added value services which will assist and support pharmacists to improve their own sales.


To ensure in meeting the needs of the market, we provide product information that can be easily approved from health professionals and to the public.

Regulatory & Scientific Affairs

As a legit distributor, we are responsible for the movements which are associated with the distribution of pharmaceutical products. National Legislation manages our activities with the persons or entities associated in the administration of the pharmaceutical products.

Warehousing & Supply Chain

One of the latest and modernized technologies in pharmaceutical distribution is the integration of the Warehouse management system. It is a fundamental part of the supply chain and essentially strives to regulate the movement and storage of the pharmaceutical.

Market Access & Early Access

At BM PHARM, we provide a convenient way to access the pharmaceutical market industry. We provide strategic plans and develop some programs that are beneficial for the entrance of the products into the local market.